Cold cuts & Meat

The territory of the Sibillini Mountains, in the Piceno zone, is known also for its important sheep ranches and its culinary patrimony with meats and cold cuts is the major result of this activity. In this area live local ovine and bovine species but it is also famous for its pork meats, used and produced above all in the villages nearby Macerata and in those of the Umbia Region. A particular ovine type species ( the pecora “sopravvisana”) hailing from the Lazio Region had an important development in the Marche region, especially for its wool because man earn a lot of money with this trade; but today those species are bred for their meat which is also one of the main ingredient of the “fritto all’ascolana” (a combination of fried food). The bovine type species, typical of this zone, is known as “razza marchigiana” and it is very widespread here because of the particular climate condition and for its excellent meat. The farm and the restaurant of our agritourism offer to the customers an extended selection of high quality meats from our livestocks which are prepared on the basis of the traditional recipes and enriched by the typical herbs of Le Marche’s cooking: rosemary, laurel oak, garlic and fennel. olive We also offer tasty cold cuts, among which loin, ham, sausages and the traditional “Ciauscolo” ( a particular type of salami, produced above all in zones nearby Macerata. Very good are also our cold cuts truffle-flavoured. Authenticity and typicality are the main characteristics of the Il Crinale products and each of them are always on its table.