The Land

Il Crinale farm holiday, in Castorano, arises in the centre of a wonderful area: the Piceno land, which is as varied as its landscapes. There are many different villages characterized by picturesque ridges and valleys, proceeding from the mountain to the sea.

In fact the Piceno land, in the southern part of the Marches, is a territory deeply characterized, from the point of view of the structure and of the landscape by an articulation of many ridges and valleys which influence and distinguish the life of its inhabitants, from the birth of the villages and the first urbanization downstream and along the coast. The hills of this area go down from the Sibillini Mountains to the Adriatic Sea and at the same time narrow valleys run down from the mountains to the sea widening out and spreading out progressively with rivers and torrents.

Coming near the coast the hill ridges become terraces overlooking the sea where, since the Middle Ages, unique and precious urban towns stand for the need of defence and wholesome air. Since the 11th - 12th century rise fortified castles on the ridges protected by towers and walls, in order to preserve their independence towards the two powerful cities all along in conflict: Ascoli Piceno and Fermo. After the second world war a new urbanization starts and it beckons the inhabitants from the ridges to the coast . This new urbanization was due to the expansion of the handmade industry, which comes up by the side of the agriculture based on olive groves, vineyards, fruits, vegetables and on the other side by chestnut and beech woods which are full of mushrooms and truffles.

After noticing the structure, the landscape and the history of this territory we have thought that Il Crinale ( whose name means “ Ridge”) is the most suitable name for our farm holiday which has the purpose to promote a conscious tourism which sets out to discover historical and natural treasures of the Piceno through the exploitation of a territory with its own activity. In fact the best way of visiting the Piceno land is following its history for appreciate art in a better way places, landscapes and traditions and typical wine and food products.

However it is particularly right to talk about history in a territory like this of Castorano, in the area of the "Crinale dei Piceni" which winds for about 40 kms, going up the slopes of the hills between the Tesino River Valley and the Tronto River Valley, going across the Rosso Piceno Superiore AC wine way and passing through other wonderful towns such as Acquaviva Picena, Offida and Castignano which are ancient settlements of the Picenis' population.

The Picenis are Etruschis' coeval people which settled on these hills between the 9th and the 4th cent. BC: that is testified by many archaeological findings found in Acquaviva Picena and Offida and by the stele of Castignano a small village characterized by Romanesque architectures located on a particular gully territory.